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Academia Cooperation and Patent Service



Group leader

Yu-Ting Chang

Duties of the Office of Research and Development

1.     Coordination of the implementation of industry–academia collaboration programs and the signing of related agreements

2.     Duties related to patents and technology transfer

3.     Duties related to teachers’ industrial training or research

4.     Duties related to cooperative education, tendering, and corporate training

Group member

Syu-Ya Huie

Industry–academia collaboration programs

1.     Matchmaking and applications for industry–academia collaborations

2.     Review, termination, and awards related to industry–academia collaborations

3.     Applications for grants for industry–academia collaborations

Teachers’ industrial training and research

1.     Registration of working hours invested in industry–academia collaborations

2.     Committee on the promotion of teachers’ industrial training and research

3.    Assisting in the holding of speeches or workshops related to patents or creativity

4.    Assisting in applications for cooperative education programs, tenders, or corporate training programs

5.    Update of the division’s website

6.     Holding speeches or workshops related to creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship

7.     Assisting in the implementation of programs related to creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship

Management of space for makers

1.     Hosting training courses for potential students